I know a guy who sells products online and had one product that he sold for $300. Somebody challenged him recently to change the price of his offer from $300 to $30,000. To meet this challenge, he made some adjustments. What he did was make it a bit more personalized and made the offer more hands-on. He ended up selling $900,000 worth of this new offer in just a few days.

The reason that he was able to do this is that he had a following and a distribution channel. He had built up so much goodwill with his distribution channel that he was able to not only offer a product at this price point and sell it, but people had been waiting for this level of service from him.

What I mean by distribution channel in goodwill is that he had a group of followers that were following him and not only followers but fans similar to Justin Bieber type fans. What I mean is that he had gathered a group of his target audience and put them in his distribution channel via his email list and Facebook group. Because he delivers so much content, provides value and has so much goodwill, people were waiting for him to make an offer that they could get this level of service from him and his company. And you know, as soon as he put this offer out there, people just went crazy over it, and a decent number of people ended up buying it.

How To Build Goodwill

The way that you build goodwill at a distribution channel and put yourself in the type of position where people are excited to hire you and can’t wait for you to offer more services is by providing value. That’s the simplest way to put yourself in that position is to provide value every single day and help people solve small problems.

If you want to look at the strategy, what you can do is create a document in Microsoft Word that helps your client solve a small problem. To solve the big problem, they still need an attorney. For example, if you’re a bankruptcy lawyer, you could prepare a document: “Five Steps to Preparing for Bankruptcy” or “How to Prepare for Bankruptcy” or “Five Signs That Bankruptcy Might Be A Good Option For You.”

If you’re a family law attorney, an example of a document we created for a family attorney that worked well was called, “14 Reasons Children Benefit from Divorce.” This particular document got a great response because that’s something that’s outside of the norm. The 14 reasons include the following: children thrive in an environment where the adults aren’t always fighting, you get more quality time with both mom and dad, and it’s a better household when everybody’s happy.

If you’re an estate planning attorney, you could say, “Here Is A List Of All The Documents That You Need To Put Together To Start Building An Estate Plan” or “Here’s A Free Living Will.” Then, you use this piece of content as bait and run Facebook Ads directly to that piece of content. You don’t just give it away, you require them to download it. Once they download it, they get on your email list. Once they’re on your email list, then you can start sending them emails every single day.

If you email someone every single day, you might be pissing them off. The trick to not making people angry is to provide 100% value, no pitches, nothing. All you do is send them another piece of content every single day. It can be a 2-minute video supporting the cheat sheets, addressing FAQs, telling stories, etc.

What’s going to happen is that over time, as you continue to provide value and content to them, they’re going to start to see you as the authority. You provide it so much goodwill that by the time you do make them an offer, they’ll be ready to bite.

How To Provide Value Upfront?

Here’s the other thing that I found is that I use this exact strategy and I provide a ton of value and goodwill. I do it on my email list. I do it on my Facebook group. I post on LinkedIn. I post on YouTube. I post everywhere. And I automate these entire things. I don’t have time to sit here and spend 3-4 hours a day doing this. I record a video, I hit send, and then my team takes care of the rest of it. When you implement a strategy like this where all you do is create goodwill and value, you prove that you’re an authority in your area of the law. It works a lot better than running an ad that says, “Hey, I’m a Lawyer. Hire me” and expecting people to hire you.

It’s like if you open a restaurant and expect people to walk in just because you open your doors. It doesn’t necessarily work that way. You’ve got to advertise. The other nice part about this is by offering this free solution to a small problem, it’s giving them a little bit of value upfront. It’s allowing them a sample of your work.

Think about places in the food court that are always giving out free samples. Have you ever noticed that they’re giving out free samples and always have a longer line than all of the other restaurants? All the other restaurants that you have never heard of, the ones that give out the free samples and provide value upfront, those are the ones that people buy from.

Same thing with Sam’s Club, every time we go to Sam’s Club, my kids love Sam’s Club because they know they’re going to get free samples. And I know that something that they’re going to get is going to end up in our cart. It’s just how it is. I can only resist my kids so much. So, if there’s something they try, that they’re going to love, they’re going to say, “Please, please, please, please.” And then I’m going to say, “Fine, put them in the cart. We’ll get it.” That would never have happened if the manufacturer or distributor gave out these samples. These companies gave value upfront. They show their value, and now they’re a customer.

You can use this same strategy to provide value upfront. Have somebody solve a small problem and continue to build that goodwill because as an attorney, you have a job that has a huge impact on people’s lives. If you’re a family law attorney, divorce is a major step in people’s lives, and child custody is a major issue in people’s lives.

The nice part is you can create value, create goodwill, and give them a sample of what you can do for them upfront by helping them solve a minor problem. In the end, they will still need a lawyer to solve the big problem.

For example, I have a client that does traumatic brain injury cases. One of the things that we were talking about is that you need to talk to the families and figure out how to get to the families of loved ones with traumatic head injuries, get them into their email list and Facebook group, and then start providing all that content to him. One of the things that we’re thinking is why not teach them a step by step guide about how to set up a goal funding campaign to help cover some of the medical bills. That’s something that you probably never thought about doing, but it’s a service that you could easily put together and do.

What If There’s Too Much Money Involved?

I know that there are also some concerns where you make too much money, then it can be a problem. Obviously, you’ve got to deal with all those issues. But if you think about what problems that potential clients are facing right now? What minor problems can you help them with? How do you put together a document? As I said, all you have to do is create a sheet on Microsoft Word, hit save as, and then save as a pdf. That’s all you have to do. Just create a pdf.

Then, all you have to do, instead of running ads, say “Hey, I’m a Bankruptcy Attorney. Here I am.” Run a Facebook Campaign that advertises your solution to the minor problem. For example, if you’re a bankruptcy attorney, maybe you can say, “Four Tricks To Make Bill Collector Stop Calling.” This can work because the one thing that they want is to not deal with bill collectors. I remember when I was in college, I was not the most financially responsible. I had bill collectors calling left and right. It was stressful. I would have loved to know how to make them stop. Another idea is a sheet about how to stop bill collectors from calling you even if you don’t have the money for them.

Once you put together some free cheat sheets and guides, create a word document. It doesn’t have to be crazy or have fancy graphics, just give them the answers. Get them on your email list and then continue to provide value over and over again. You’re going to start building up so much goodwill that eventually bankruptcy may be a good fit for them. Since you’re creating so much value, you’re now the authority and the only person in their eyes that can help them with this problem because you’re the one that they’ve been listening to this entire time.

If you’d like to learn an in-depth step by step on how to do this exact strategy, I have a webinar that you can register for at lawyermasterclass.com, and it’s completely free.