The question:

I asked people questions to join my Facebook group. Should I allow people in who don’t answer the questions? I want to help them, but I’d like them to answer these questions first too. 

My answer:

I don’t know what type of Facebook group you have. I do have screening questions, but the reason I have screening questions is that I only want lawyers in my Facebook group. I have virtual assistants that actually go in and approve and deny people from my Facebook group. 

What I do if they don’t answer the questions

So what I’ve trained them to do is this: if somebody does not answer any of the questions that are asked prior to joining the group, I have them look at their Facebook profile. And if it’s obvious from their Facebook profile that they are lawyers, then I’ll let them in.

Why I don’t let marketers into my group

If it is obvious that they are a marketer, then I delete them. I used to let marketers in and they just spammed members of my groups so much that I basically dropped the iron fist and said, all right, all marketers get the hell out. I’m not dealing with this anymore because marketers ruin everything. So that’s basically what I do now, 

Why you may not want to exclude people

Depending on what your group is about, you may not want to exclude people. And there are people that just don’t want you to have their email address right away. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to build a relationship with them eventually and get them to trust you. 

And eventually, they’ll give you their email address and maybe become a client. So if you have a reason that you don’t want certain types of people in the group, then that’s one thing. But otherwise, let them in. 

Why not make it an open group

But definitely, don’t make it an open group because you want people to have to join the group to actually view the content in the group.