The question

“Does putting keywords in my YouTube channel name help me get more views? For example, I’m an immigration attorney in Sacramento. Will, I get views if I add keywords like ‘immigration,’ ‘Sacramento,’ ‘immigration attorney,’ or ‘deportation attorney?'”

My answer

I actually tested this out. My YouTube channel used to be called Andrew Stickel, and then I switched it to “Lawyer Marketing with Andrew Stickel.” And now, when you search for lawyer marketing, I come up. 

Whether it’s lawyer marketing or attorney marketing, if you search for anything about lawyer marketing, I’m pretty much number 1. And I believe that’s because of my channel name.

How YouTube works

But YouTube doesn’t work the same way as Google does. YouTube is more based on engagement, that is, whether you get a lot of video views. It’s also based on duration. I don’t know the exact algorithm, so I could be slightly off on this, but the gist of what I’m saying is pretty much right. 

Next, the title tag of the video is really important. And also the actual tags in the video. For example, if you want to rank for “Sacramento immigration attorney,” the best way to do it would be to start your video title with “Sacramento Immigration Attorney.” 

And then have Sacramento Immigration Attorney as your first tag, and then include Sacramento Immigration Attorney in your video description. 

How to get found on YouTube

Now, the caveat is that people are probably not going to go to YouTube and search “Sacramento Immigration Attorney.” But what they will search for are other questions. 

I would name your channel something like “Sacramento Immigration Attorney,”.And then the videos should be questions that people typically ask. They should be about solutions to problems. 

They should be just about the general questions and offer information that your general clients are always asking for. Figure out what problems they have, and what questions they have, and then answer and solve them.

Another great resource

Another thing you should do is go to, and just type in keywords like “fiancé visa” or “deportation” or “Green Card” or “K1,” “E2,” “E1,” “E2,” and “EB-5.” 

And that will actually pull up a list of all the questions that people ask about those types of things. It pulls it from Google autosuggest. And I’ve told lawyers before, “Look. Sit down, write down every single of those questions and just answer them. 

A winning strategy

“And then make your video title the exact answer to the question,” because the cool thing about immigration is that most immigration attorneys are federals, which means you can do it nation-wide.

There’s a real opportunity to own immigration, and the other cool part about that is that YouTube videos will show up in Google searches. So I look at my analytics and 20%, 30% every single month of my video views just come from Google searches from attorneys looking for this stuff. It’s pretty cool. That’s what I would do.