Google Keyword Planner

There are several places online that claim to generate choice keywords for your writing. However, most professionals tend to go to the pro and stay with Google Keyword Planner. This is a free program that provides you with a list of keywords that can work. It is for beginners or professionals.

Keywords Anywhere

This is one of my personal favorites. This is a Chrome Plug-in and it is free. You can type in keywords and it will tell you how many times people searched for that keyword in a month. It also gives you related keywords. For example, you can type in divorce lawyers in New Orleans. It will show you how many people searched for those words in a month. It will also bring up anything related, like New Orleans divorce attorneys. You can look and see which search got better results. Since my preference is not to rank for keywords, but for categories, this is exactly the program that fits my service.

Voice Search – Getting Busy

When you are online, list your first name and the type of law you practice and the city where you do business. You will almost immediately see them trying to return a bunch of answers. This is really people using voice search. It has gotten so easy to use and so comfortable that people have no problem talking to the program. When you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, the questions are categorized. You will see things like,

  • Do I need a divorce lawyer?
  • Uncontested divorce
  • Divorce lawyer (my town)
  • Alimony

There will probably be more than that, but you get the point. You can be selective. One of the best things about these tools is that you can use them over and over. The results change so many times that your content is a wealth of information. And it’s all there for the taking.