Lawyers! Use the Team Selfie Hack To Get More Law Clients

The question:

I had some questions about ways to increase the distance from my three-pack. You mentioned geo-tagging pictures and the team selfie hack. I had some employees add photos from around our area and I’m unable to see the locations, any suggestions?

My answer:

I recently talked about a certain strategy at my PILMMA Event. It’s something that we do that that my SEO team actually told me about that is working really well. I call it the team selfie hack.

The team selfie hack

The team selfie hack is a way to make your law firm more relevant to a larger area. Here’s something you may notice in the Google Maps. Let’s say you’re sitting in your office and you Google a term that you would appear for. Maybe it’s DUI attorney, personal injury attorney, family law attorney, divorce lawyer, or whatever type of lawyer you are.

How Google treats lawyers like pizza

If you’re sitting in your office and you Google yourself, you’re very likely going to come up if you’ve done a good job optimizing your profile. But the farther you get away from your office, the less likely you are to show up because Google has this thing where they’re treating lawyers like pizzas. What I mean by that is they’re using distance from the searcher as a big ranking factor.

Basically what that means is that if you search for DUI attorney, Google is trying to return the closest DUI attorney and not necessarily the best DUI attorney. That’s fine if you want a pizza. If you want to order a pizza then you want the closest pizza place. But if you want an attorney, you want the best attorney. You don’t want the closest attorney.

To get around this, you can use something called the team selfie hack. This is a really interesting trick that works very well. When I was at PILMMA last week or two weeks ago, that is the Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing Association Conference, I spoke on stage and shared the team selfie hack.

Geotagging is the key

Geotagging images on Google is the key to showing up on Google maps. To start with, you want to take 20 pictures of the inside of your office and then 20 pictures around the outside of your office. You want to make sure that you have the location turned on and by doing that you’re getting the latitude and longitude of the of your location. Then you upload that to your Google My Business profile. This basically makes it more relevant.

How the team selfie hack works

The team selfie hack goes as follows. When you look on your Google My Business profile you’ll see a lot of different categories that you can choose to upload your pictures to. One of them is team.

What I do and what we tell our clients to do is to go around the city to different areas. You pull the city up on a map and say, let’s go to the northeast part of the of the city and then the northwest part of the city and then the southeast and the southwest. You try to blanket the entire city.

An easy way to do this is to go to all the famous landmarks and take selfies there and have members of your team do that. For example if you’re in New York City, you could go to Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, Radio City Music Hall, Wall Street, or Central Park.

There are so many different places where you can go and have your team take selfies. Have them take selfies at each of these locations and then take those pictures and upload them in the team section of your Google My Business profile.

Why it works

This is going to get the latitude and longitude of all these different locations in the city. It’s going to make you relevant to all of them because you’re putting those locations on your Google My Business profile.

And because you’re taking pictures of your team, you’re not gaming the system. If you had just posted random pictures of all these places, then it would be kind of weird. Having your team in there makes it a white hat workaround for that.

How I created the map I showed at PILMMA

At PILMMA, I actually showed a picture of the Google Maps that had pictures of selfies in all these different places. The question was how did I generate that map that I showed at PILMMA.

I actually created that map. It’s not a real thing. You can’t just go and generate that. Unfortunately. It would be really helpful if you could.

So that’s what the team selfie hack is. It works really well. Try it out.