I’ve had a few people email me after the web class saying, “I love the old strategy. I really want to start using social media, but I just don’t have time to record videos, and it’s just too much work. I don’t have the time for it.”

I want to show you how long it actually takes me to film a video. I want to note something real quick about this video. I was watching it back, and I noticed that I talk about myself a lot. I say “this is how long it takes me,” “this is how long I do it,” ” this is how I do it,”  “this is how long it takes me to do it.” That’s not the point that I was trying to make in this video, and I want to make sure that’s clear.

I want to make sure that you understand that this is how long it takes. I’m not special, and I’m not that great at filming video. I understand that in the video, I said this is how long it takes me to do it, and I’m going to show you how quickly I can do it. That’s not what I meant.

My point of this video is that anybody can do it in five minutes or less, trust me. I’m not that great on camera. You’ll see that I make a lot of mistakes. In fact, I make a lot of mistakes in this video also. I just wanted to clarify that.

How To Make The Process As Seamless As Possible

For me, it’s a simple matter of having a topic. If you have no idea what to talk about, use the website answerthepublic.com, and I’ll give you a full demo. There’s going to be a video included with the email that I sent that will show you exactly how to find a quick topic really fast.

Let me show you how fast I  can record a video. I’m just going to use my iPhone right here. I’m going to upload it directly into my Facebook group from my iPhone. And then what happens is my virtual assistant goes into my Facebook group, they download it, and then it’s done. As soon as I upload it, it’s finished.

You go into Facebook and write a quick status update. Let’s say, “want to double your intake by this time next month? Try this out today.”  Hit photo/video. You’re pretty much finished.

Then, I go to Facebook messenger and tell my VA, “Hey. New video is uploading to Facebook. Please do your thing.” There you go. That’s it.

This thing is going to upload. Once it’s finished, it’s going to post. You can put the phone down at this point, but it’s going to upload. Once it finishes, it posts, your virtual assistant does everything else, posts it on YouTube and then sends it over to your writers, then you get the emails, etc.

We’re finished. That’s what it takes. What are we at, seven minutes right now? That’s including my intro to this video. It does not take a long time.