Sooner or later, everyone has a spouse, a parent, or grandparent who is faced with the need for long-term care. If your law firm is trying to attract that potential client, it can seem like a sensitive subject and you may find it difficult to approach. But, it is a subject you have to address. Break the ice with a conversation so that your potential client can reach out to you for help and so they can get the help they need to relax and enjoy the final years they have with their loved one.

While the laws may be different in some states, I have spoken to many attorneys in Florida. Here, the assets of the senior are used first to pay for their care and then Medicare begins to pay for their care. Of course, no one wants the government to take everything they own, and that is why they need a lawyer to help them avoid this. Without your services, they may not even know they have choices.

I have given this much thought. I have worked on campaigns for people in this situation many times. In order to get the proper perspective, think of how it feels to be a senior citizen in this position. What if you were their spouse, child or grandchild?

There are ways to avoid this. But, the time to act is before the senior is in need of a nursing home. In a perfect world, when a couple begins to age and their family is out on their own, they will make plans to discuss this together and later with an attorney. This is the wisest and most caring way to address the inevitable.

What I would do

I would run a Facebook ad. Create an ad that targets people that are in the age range of 40 to maybe 60. Figure out what they want and create content that fills the need. Here are some suggestions.

  • Are they afraid their parents will lose their homes, savings, and everything they have worked for if they get sick?
  • Do their parents need to take things out of their names before they get sick or unable to handle their affairs?
  • Are they worried that their parents will fall victim to a scammer who will make them think they are taking care of everything, only to find themselves broke?
  • Are they contemplating a reverse mortgage?
  • Are they concerned that a member of the family will force their way in and will not have their best interest at heart?
  • Do they have wills and insurance policies that are no longer correct due to beneficiaries being deceased? Have wives and husbands become ex-wives and ex-husbands? The time for surprises is not in a moment of grief.
  • Can a lawyer ensure that their wishes can not be overturned?

These are some of the worries potential clients have. This gives you plenty of content to get your campaign started.