Chase Musser: Our first question comes from Kevin. He’s a solo practitioner in the Midwest. He is now setting up their office in the Pacific Northwest. Should he have two websites, one SEO optimized for the Midwest and one for the Pacific Northwest? He says his concern is that if he tries to optimize for both locations on one website that he might lose relevance.

Andy Stickel: No. You should have one website and you should have a landing page with the Google My Business location for each one of those. It is important that the landing page is really, really well optimized. Your main location should probably be your home page. And your home page should be optimized for the main location. 

You said Pacific Northwest. Is that Portland maybe?. So maybe you have Portland, Oregon, and Eugene, Oregon, (just for an example) So, you would have your homepage as Portland. And then you would have And what you do is you have two different landing pages and each one is optimized specifically for that place. If you go to, I’ve got a free guide that shows you step by step how to optimize a landing page. It’s basically my GMB ranking guide. It’s a 25-part video series. I’ll send it to you on a USB. It’s totally free. Just pay for the shipping. So if you go to, that’ll show you how to do that. But what I usually look at is I look at what big companies do. I always say, “What does Starbucks do?” Does Starbucks have a different website for every single location and a different Facebook page for every location and a different Instagram account for every location? Or do they have just one website and a different landing page for each location?” You can look at what the big companies do and try to mimic that, typically. It’s what I usually do.