If you’re not already actively marketing on Facebook and Twitter – or if you’re not active enough there – let an internet marketing company help you boost your presence on those sites and across the internet. Marketing on the internet – and especially on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – can give you some great opportunities to provide superlative customer service. Don’t fumble these opportunities by overlooking a customer’s complaint or by responding inadequately. Some customers won’t care if they embarrass you. They know that a complaint on your Facebook page, for example, will receive swift attention. Take these potentially embarrassing situations and turn them into marketing successes.

If you can address a customer’s issue personally, do it. If you can’t, take the responsibility to see that the issue is addressed, the problem is fixed, and the customer is satisfied. Implement a policy and procedures for dealing routinely with online complaints. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard or without an answer in public – on your Facebook page. Have the answers determined in advance. Know the appropriate responses and make certain that those responses are made quickly.

When someone contacts you online with a problem or a complaint, you have an opportunity to influence positively everyone who visits the page. You can often turn disgruntled customers into loyal fans simply by offering some free samples or discounts on future product purchases or services. A customer complaint can be a blessing in disguise. Let an experienced internet marketing company suggest some ways to improve your online customer service and your overall online marketing efforts. From website design to content creation and day-to-day coordination and management of your online marketing, an internet marketing company can handle all or any part of your online marketing needs. Make the call promptly and learn more about how the professionals at an experienced internet marketing company can help you.