The Question:

My clients are contractors and builders. What’s the best strategy to get contractors and builders as clients? Does marketing even work for them, or is it just who you know?

Think like a Contractor or Builder

If you’re trying to get homebuilders or contractors to retain you, then you have to think like a contractor or a homebuilder.

Think about what it is that they want and what problems they face every day. How can you help them solve those small problems? Because here’s the theory, and I’ve proven it many times that it’s true:

Help Them Solve Their Problems

If you can help people solve small problems, then they’ll eventually hire you to solve their big problems. As you know, they will need a lawyer for their big problems.

So you need to think about this: What are the problems that contractors typically run into? And what are the problems that homebuilders typically run into? Just start creating content and answering those types of questions.

Find Facebook Groups of Contractors and Homebuilders

And then you can go into Facebook. I guarantee you that if you go into Facebook you’ll find groups of contractors and homebuilders. And you’ll be able to start providing content to them and answering questions. You can start providing value, start educating, and start talking about the solutions to the most common problems that they have.

Create an E-book

You can also create an ebook that basically answers questions about one of the most common problems that they have.

I’m trying to think about what a problem might be that a contractor or a homebuilder would have. Maybe it’s something to do with making sure that you get some sort of contract. Maybe it’s making sure that you get paid on time or get paid at all, or perhaps it’s dealing with delinquent payments.

Let’s say it’s about delinquent payments, to create an ebook about “Four Ways Contractors Can Get Paid On Time Every Time.” And then you run that as a Facebook ad.

Don’t Advertise Yourself

Don’t advertise yourself. Just run an ad for the ebook, and for the solution. So run an ad saying, Hey contractors, do you want to read a guide written by an attorney that can teach you four ways that you can get paid on time every time for every job that you do for the rest of your career? If so, download this ebook.

Get Them Into Your World

And when you do that, then you’re getting them into your world. That’s what I do most of the time. Most of the people that hear about me came into my world because I created a cheat sheet for lawyers: Three secrets to getting more law firm clients from social media.

So I don’t advertise myself; I don’t advertise my services; I don’t advertise anything. All I advertise is the solution.

What I Do

I say, “Hey, do you want to learn how to get more clients from social media or from Facebook?” If you want to learn what I do then give me your email address and I’ll email you a copy of this cheat sheet.

From there, I slowly start introducing value. Every person that’s in my Facebook group gets an email from me every single day. And the thing about my emails is that I try to provide as much value as possible.

I get emails over and over again about how people love my content. It’s because I’m providing value. It’s because I’m hearing the questions that lawyers have and I’m creating content to answer those questions.

I see the problems that lawyers have, from a marketing standpoint anyway. Then I create content that helps them solve those problems or get closer to solving those problems. And that’s the strategy. It works for every business including for a lawyer who’s targeting home contractors and builders