How can video create opportunities for attorneys? Can you use video to increase your Google ranking – along with your phone calls and leads? Keep reading – you’re about to learn how.

Video is powerful. Good videos get high Google rankings when you use the right keywords and take several other easy steps.

Our internet marketing agency helps attorneys take advantage of video in several ways, but this single example should be genuinely helpful to any lawyer. Anyone can do it easily, especially if you’re already making videos.

If you’re not making videos, your competition is, and they already have YouTube channels. We can help you get launched.

A Stunning Example Of The Power Of Video

Immediately after Hurricane Matthew struck Florida last year, one of our clients – an Orlando personal injury lawyer who also handles insurance claims – approached us about a marketing campaign seeking clients with hurricane-related claims.

We suggested a brief video – nothing with an “ambulance-chasing” feel – but something with a practical value like “Hurricane Matthew Insurance Claim Tips.” The client offered tips to help claimants prepare and be in the best possible position when making a claim.

When we Googled the phrase “hurricane Matthew insurance claim,” Google offered these search possibilities:

1. hurricane Matthew insurance claim tips
2. hurricane Matthew insurance claims
3. hurricane Matthew insurance claims denied
4. hurricane Matthew insurance claims deadline

“Hurricane Matthew insurance claim tips” was a phrase that people were already using in searches.

How Long Did It Take This Video To Rank High On Google?

Within only one hour of the upload to YouTube, our client’s video ranked almost at the top of the Google results, even outranking Fortune magazine’s “5 Tips on Dealing With Damage After Hurricane Matthew.”

High-quality, current videos on YouTube usually rank high, but we also took several small steps behind the scenes to ensure a high ranking for this video.

For example, it gave us the perfect opportunity to use the search term itself as the video’s title. Before you upload, make sure that your title is right and make sure it includes a current, popular search phrase.

Why Is Creating Your Own Video Transcript Important?

What also makes a huge difference is subtitles and closed captions. It’s easy to create your own after uploading your video. Click Video Manager, then Videos, then “Subtitles & CC,” and finally, click “add new subtitles or CC,” and then choose English.

When you are asked to “Select Method,” we recommend “Transcribe and auto-sync.” Otherwise, YouTube will create its own transcription, which will only be about 80 percent accurate.

Transcribe and auto-sync lets you listen to your video and pauses as you type – to help you concentrate. A short video can easily be transcribed this way in just minutes. But an accurate transcription isn’t the real point.

The point is to get all of the important keywords into the caption file so that Google reads and understands clearly what your topic and content is – and associates your video with the search terms you started with.

You Don’t Have To Wait – Act Now

YouTube videos will rank higher – and faster – than any blog post you write on the same topic, and it’s a quick way to respond to events like natural disasters (or tax season, or the aftermath of New Year’s Eve) when more people than usual are seeking lawyers.

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