The Question:

Do you or your team do all of our social (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) placements and uploads if an attorney sends you guys the video content?

The Answer:

About Our Done-For-You Service

So you’re asking if we have a “done for you” service where if you send us the video, we basically take care of everything else. Yes, we do have a service like that, but we are very, very picky about who we take on as clients.

Why We Are So Picky

The reason for that is that a lot of times clients commit to doing this. It’s a lot of work for us up front to build the Facebook group, and build the YouTube channels and all that type of stuff.

And a lot of times, we find that lawyers don’t necessarily follow through and it ends up us having to babysit them. And I’m not really in the business of babysitting. I’m not in the business of emailing lawyers over and over again saying, “Hey give me that video. Hey, give me that video. Hey, give me that video.”

What You Can Do If You’re Interested

So, if you’re interested in doing something like that, I would say book a call with me so we can talk about what you want to do. And to do that, go to and there’s a survey that you can fill out to book an actual phone call with me.

Because of the problems we’ve had, we’re very, very, very picky about who we take on as those clients. We started taking on everyone that asked us to do that and we’re realizing that it’s not working out as well as we had hoped it would.

That’s because a lot of the lawyers that we’ve worked with just aren’t getting us the videos. And then there’s this awkward, “Well, it’s not working.” And we have to tell them, “Well, you’re not doing the work.”