ClickFunnels is really good for funneling people into the one place where you want them to go. On a website, for example, you’re going to have your “Home” button. You’ll also have “About Us”, “Practice Areas”, and “About Our Firm”, and “Blogs”, “Read Our Reviews,” and so on. 

There are a lot of different places where people can leave your website or just go to different places. It’s really good for information. But ClickFunnels is for creating something that is designed to get people to take a specific action. 

How ClickFunnels Works

So, if I want you to get your email address or your phone number, ClickFunnels has only two options — you can either enter your information or you can leave. You can’t click on Home, and you can’t click on all these different places. 

So ClickFunnels is really good for lead generation because it focuses on them. It’s like people have ADD or ADHD. 

ClickFunnels is good for getting rid of all the distractions and putting front and center what you want your visitors to do: “Enter your email address to get this free guide.” And then it works its magic. So ClickFunels is really good for capturing leads. 

You could build a website out of ClickFunnels too. I think that the ClickFunnels website is built on ClickFunnels, but I believe it’s only a one-pager or so. A website and a funnel are really two different things.