Chase Musser: Booker asked a question. He’s gone through your training. What advice do you have for hiring VAs and freelance writers? He signed up for the Cult of Copy. But he doesn’t know how to write an ad to hire a freelance writer.

Andy Stickel: Chase, do you ever run ads in there? I haven’t put an ad in there for a long time. Do you do that still?

Chase Musser: Yeah.

Andy Stickel: You want to give some advice on that?

Chase Musser: Yeah. So basically, Booker, what we do is go in there. If you’ve been approved, you can post in the group and you can tell people exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s blog posts, whether it’s emails or transcriptions or anything like that. Well, for transcriptions, we usually do Rev. But you tell them exactly what you’re looking for, what you’re looking to pay, and any examples or anything that you have. And you’ll get a lot of responses. We usually look for native English speakers or people based in the US. But you’ll get a lot of direct responses and then you can ask for examples of their work. A lot of them have their portfolios all set up so you can choose from there and negotiate from there. But be upfront with what you want, what price you’re looking to pay. Usually, for blog posts or something like that, it’s around $0.06 per word. So that’s just something to keep in mind as a guideline there.

Andy Stickel: Another thing, a lot of times, you’ll get a lot of responses. So I’ll usually put some specific instructions in the post. Because it drives me crazy when people don’t follow instructions but it also is a really good indicator. Because we’ll be giving them instructions. We want things done a certain way. We want the SEO to be built-in. And we teach them how to do all this stuff. But we need to make sure that they can follow instructions. So I’ll give very specific instructions in the post. And typically, most people will not follow the instructions just because that’s just how people are. And that’s a good way to eliminate people also and see and find good people. Try to find people that can follow instructions, which is rare, apparently.

Note, pay attention to the words used. If English is not their first language, they do not want to know the impressive