Are you one of the many law firms who, when you have potential new clients come in the office and you tell them your pricing, after the consultation, they say that they’re broke and they don’t have any money? Well, I’m going to tell you in this video a very, very easy solution to that problem and how to get more clients to actually sign up who initially tell you that they don’t have any money. So this happens all the time. I talk to lawyers all the time. They say that they get lots of leads. But the clients, they just don’t have any money. Or the leads, they just don’t have any money. They’re all broke. So a lot of people don’t realize that there’s something out there called PayPal Credit. And what’s really cool about PayPal Credit is that it doesn’t actually use your credit score when making a decision. So even if someone doesn’t have perfect credit, they can typically still get approved for PayPal Credit. And we’ve gotten people approved up to, I think, $7800, maybe even more, on PayPal Credit. But definitely at least $7800. So most of the attorneys watching this that charge fees are going to fall within $7800 or probably even higher. I’m not sure exactly what the limit is. And you have to sell it in a specific way. You don’t just say, “Hey, pay us on PayPal.” What you do is you say your price. And so you say, “Okay. So for us to represent you in this matter, it’s going to be $4000.” And then the lead is going to say, “Well, that’s just too much money. I just don’t have that kind of money.” So what you say is, “Well, what if we were able to give you six months, no interest, no payments? That way, we can get started today but you don’t have to make a single payment for six months and you don’t have to pay any interest for six months? It’s basically the same as cash for six months.” Most of the time, people are going to be like, “Well, yeah, that sounds great.” So you say, “Okay. Cool. Well, we have a relationship with PayPal Credit. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to send you an invoice real quick. And then on that invoice, there’s going to be a link at the bottom that says, ‘Pay now with PayPal Credit.’ So all you have to do is you click on that link. And you can do it while you’re sitting here. You get an instant approval. They’re just going to ask you a couple of questions. And then we can get started on your case.” And what’s cool is that you don’t have to wait six months to get paid. You get paid right away. And the potential new client doesn’t have to make any payments and doesn’t get charged interest for six full months. And this works really, really, really well. But you have to actually sell it in the right way. So if you do it in that way, you’ll get a lot more people that come into your office and say they don’t have any money that end up leaving as clients. Now, maybe that’s not your problem. Maybe the problem that you have is not getting enough leads in the first place. I can help you with that as well. So if you’re interested in learning how to get more leads coming into your office so that you can then get them to pay you using PayPal Credit, then what I want you to do is I want you to click the click included with this video, enter your name and your email address, and I’m going to take you to a free training about an hour long that’s going to show you step by step how you can get clients for your law firm without losing time, without losing money, and without ever getting screwed by a marketing company again. So click the link included with this video and watch the training and then implement the steps and then start getting more clients to pay you using PayPal Credit. I hope this helps. I hope you found this video enjoyable. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. I’ll talk to you later.