Here’s a question I get asked a lot: Who do you use for your team to take your videos and syndicate them across the Internet? I have a philosophy which is, I get paid to think and other people get paid to do. If most people looked at their social media with this thought process, they would probably spend a lot less time on it and it would be a lot easier for them.

Here Is What I Do

I record a video, I upload it to Facebook, I upload it to YouTube, and then I send the links off and I’m finished. I don’t touch it again.

Instead, my team does the thumbnail, the blog post, video description, optimization, post it on social media, and they syndicate everywhere.

About My Team

Now I have a team that I’ve built that does all this for me. We also have virtual assistants in the Philippines that do a lot of work for us. I can’t explain to you how to hire virtual assistants in this video because it’s a very complicated process.

Check Out My Webinar If You Want To Know More

What I would recommend is to take a look at my webinar on It goes pretty deep into how I hire virtual assistants and how I syndicate my entire process. Then, if you’re interested, I also have some courses and things where I dive into that a little bit more. But it’s a pretty involved process.

The whole secret is basically that if it doesn’t involve thinking, you need to get it off your plate, and you need to have somebody else do it for you.