So, you want to know some quick and easy SEO wins? This is always a hot topic. Let’s go over a few of them now.

Search and Connect

You will want to conduct a series of Google searches. Search whatever you do in your field. For example, you could search DUI lawyers, Houston or Personal Injury Attorney, Boston. Search your field. Then make a note of the sites that show up at the top of the screen. Look at what categories the law firms that are ranking actually have. Then you want to make sure that you match those categories. Keep in mind, Google liked their choices, so that is a big win.

Google My Business

Take out your cell phone (it must be your cell) and walk around taking pictures. You need 20 indoor pictures and 20 outdoor pictures. Upload them to your Google My Business profile

When you upload the photo section of yu Google My Business account and make sure the location data is actually stored on your Google My Business profile.

Establish yourself in the community

Join as many local organizations as you can that have directory listing. Join the local Better Business Bureau, the local chapter in the Chamber of Commerce, and any other business listing that has searchable capabilities. Look for local directories and listings where you can get your name, your address, your phone number, your website in there and then join some local bar associations as well. That local prominence will do a lot for you. Those are probably three quick SEO wins that you can get that any lawyer can do, and you don’t need a marketing company for.

These are all quick tools that will effectively give you SEO wins.