I was recently asked on my forum: “In your opinion what is the most sustainable traffic source to capture leads interested in immigration through investment in real estate?”

This is an interesting one. Just by using Facebook you can easily target people for immigration. You login to Facebook and target celebrities that are famous in the countries you want to target.

Who are the famous people?

Let’s say you want to target Brazil. You need to first determine who is famous in Brazil. We are not talking about obvious people like soccer players like Neymar. We are not talking about people in Brazil that Americans like. You need to figure out who is from Brazil that Brazilians like. People that Brazilians support and love because they represent Brazil.

Once you figure out who they are, you target them This is who you support, and you shine their brand.

Now you can start niching down into all the other things like real estate. Run your Facebook ads and target those people who like celebrities who are only popular in Brazil or wherever you targeted. Repeat these practices with all of the areas you are interested in. (Don’t try China because they do not use Facebook in China.) You will find this method of sustainable traffic is the best you find. Once you get going, you will also find it easy to do. Keep your focus on immigration leads for people who are interested in real estate. Of course, you can use this tactic for other marketing opportunities too.