Andy Stickel: Nick, what are some of the things that you’re seeing lawyers doing right now that you think is actually working in this time of crisis?

Nicholas Werker: What do I think that they’re doing right now? I think a lot of the stuff that I’m seeing lawyers do is just letting the community know that they’re still there for them. So a big thing that we’re focusing on right now is, obviously, employment lawyers and bankruptcy lawyers just because these people are having problems. And that’s the unfortunate circumstance that we’re dealing with. A lot of the time, we’re dealing with people who have a lot of issues. That just happens to be one of the issues right now. Letting everybody know that they’re still open and available, putting out content saying, “Even though the coronavirus is happening and blah, blah, blah, blah, if you’re affected just know that I’m here, open, available to help.” And it’s also really good to put out a lot of educational stuff like, “Here’s what you can be doing while this is going on…,” for their customers. So I’ve seen a bunch of people put out some sort of… I’ve seen a bunch of bankruptcy lawyers put out content on how to survive financially. Actually, I got an email, which was really good. It was local and government business loans that you can be taking advantage of. So obviously, it’s just educational. They’re not getting anything from this. But they’re the source on how you can go about getting these loans, how you can go about getting relief. And then you kind of become the guy to go to when they actually have further questions about legal matters.