Should Lawyers Transcribe Videos To Make Blog Posts

The question:

Is it okay to have video content transcribed and used for a blog post or will you get dinged for duplicate content?

My answer:

Yes, that’s fine.

What I do

That’s actually exactly what I do every time I do a video. I have them transcribed and then we send the transcript to a writer who basically just cleans it up and puts it on my blog because I don’t talk like I write.

That way, the information is still mine. We’re not paying a blog writer to research the post. Instead, they basically take the information that I provided and restructure it in a way that works really well.

No problems with duplicate content

You won’t get dinged for duplicate content unless you’re copying that blog post to multiple different websites. I wouldn’t do that. But if you’re just wondering if you get it transcribed and then post it, will it be duplicate content? No, I haven’t seen that, especially because you’re getting it rewritten. At that point it’s really not even duplicate content.

How to get your videos transcribed

We have a guy that does it for us but, it’s kind of like rev your engine. That works that works really well. It’s $1.00 per minute and I use that all the time when I’m when I need to transcribe stuff because it’s pretty quick.