If you do Personal Injury Law, can an in-car emergency kit work to help you get more business? This is a new concept for me, but yes, I think it could work very well. The whole concept of marketing is finding ways to reach clients that give them something unique. Give them something of value that people will remember.

Will it work?

An emergency kit that fits in the glove box of a car is a pretty good idea. It is compact, easy to fill, and you have room to add your marketing material. These are all good things.

Glove Box

However, if someone is injured in an accident and the injury is to the back, neck, or anything other than soft tissue, they may not be able to reach into the glove box. Since the personal injury emergency kit is not something people will be looking for, those who stop to help probably will not go to his glove box to look for it.


This sounds like a much better option. A kit that has the basics. The cover could have your information on it as well as the basic emergency instructions. Call 911, exchange insurance information, take photos, do not say anything, wait for the police to arrive, call your personal injury attorney as soon as you are physically able. The inside could have a cloth-like towelette to apply pressure against a wound. A few first aid items, a pencil and a small note pad.


I like the idea of having a vent type. The first thing you are going to do when you have an accident is reach for your phone. When you grab your phone, it is right there. The only problem I see is the size. Some people may not want to block their vent due to their air conditioning, heat, or even an air freshener.


Do your research. Just because you have never heard of it or because I have never heard of it, does not mean someone else has never tried it. Get on the computer and see if you can find them or something close that someone else has used. Get an idea of how he put them together. You can get a lot of info from his website and reviews. You may get inspired or you might want to may see things differently.


You will have to research the economics of the kits. Are you going to put business cards inside? Are you going to have the screen printed? Are you going to mail these out? How much will it cost to ship them? Even the greatest ideas have to work financially. If you can make them work then you have a great idea and it is worth a try. You might want to try it on a small scale or you may get a better discount if you buy in bulk. If it does not work out, can you use them as part of sales packages in the future? Look at it from every angle.

Answer these questions and go with your gut. Or as we say in marketing, throw it against the wall and see if it sticks.