If your business is local – and in some sense, almost every business is – you can probably enhance your online marketing efforts by identifying yourself and your business or professional practice with your city or community. It doesn’t take much more effort than you’re already putting into your online marketing, the benefits can be enormous, and you might even have some fun. How do you identify yourself as local?

You can start by writing an occasional blog post – one out of every four or five, let’s say – about a local topic. If you’re an attorney, write about the history of your local courthouse, peculiar local ordinances, or even review your favorite restaurants and local attractions. A real estate agent obviously wants to highlight the quality of life in a region and in that region’s various communities. If you review a restaurant, for example, make sure the restaurant provides a link from its own website to your review, and make sure that your review provides a link to their website. You’ll attract visitors who may want to find out more about you.

You should also consider producing videos and creating a YouTube channel, but you can do even more with video. Are your offices located on or adjacent to a famous busy street like Market Street in San Francisco or Canal or Peachtree Street in New Orleans or Atlanta? Or are you close to a noted local attraction like Central Park, Graceland, or the Las Vegas strip? Live streaming HD web cameras can be part of a powerful marketing strategy for almost any kind of business that wants to identify as “local.” A streaming webcam at a community landmark can make a distinctive statement about a business or a professional practice and its role in the community.

An experienced, professional internet marketing company can help you create the “local” content that you need, including blog posts, videos, podcasts, and more. An internet marketing company can also help you set up a streaming webcam and offer you a variety of other innovative online marketing tools. Take the time and arrange to talk with some internet marketing professionals about your many online marketing options as quickly as possible.