There’s a common misconception that online marketing for law firms is expensive and time-consuming, but that’s not necessarily true. Sure, some strategies require more time and money to implement.

But, there are plenty of other ways to market your law firm that don’t require you to invest a significant amount of time or money.

No one knows this better than our colleague, Renee, who went from sleeping on a friend’s couch to making six figures in six months.

What Was Renee’s Tactic?

Renee graduated from law school in 2013 and had trouble finding a job. Instead of giving up hope, Renee decided to make things happen on her own.

Her dream was to help online entrepreneurs with their legal issues, so she began to think of ways to target this market.

She realized that there were countless Facebook groups that consisted solely of online entrepreneurs, so she joined dozens of these groups to see what people were talking about.

She quickly realized that many of these online entrepreneurs were seeking legal guidance, so she started to hop in on conversations to answer questions and offer advice. She also started to post content that she thought people in the groups would find interesting.

One of her first posts was a legal checklist for online entrepreneurs, which made it easy for them to understand what they needed to do when starting a business. She came up with ideas for her content by listening to what the entrepreneurs were talking about.

If there was a common misconception about a certain topic, or multiple people had posted the same question, Renee would tackle it in her next blog post.

How Creating Content Lead To Paying Clients

Soon, the entrepreneurs within these groups started to view Renee as the go-to person for legal help.

The admins of some of the groups asked Renee to take a more active role by hosting Facebook live question and answer sessions.

Before she knew it, she had signed roughly 20 clients as a result of her efforts within these Facebook groups.

Renee did not have to spend time on marketing in order to acquire these clients.

When she first started, Renee spent a few hours every day finding these Facebook groups, writing content, and interacting with the members.

However, now that she has established herself as an authority on legal matters, she only spends about ten minutes per day on marketing.

Renee’s story is proof that lawyers do not need massive marketing budgets in order to achieve results.

With a little hard work—and a few innovative law firm marketing ideas—lawyers can grow their practice in no time.