There are probably dozens of other law firms located in your area.

Many of these law firms use the same traditional marketing methods such as billboards and pay-per-click ads.

But, if you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you must think of unique law firm advertising ideas.

Everyone loves getting free stuff, so the best way to market a law firm may be handing out promotional items.

But, no one wants to receive a branded pen or stress ball that every other law firm in the state already uses to market their business.

The key to this legal marketing strategy is choosing items that people in your target audience actually want.

Find A Promotional Item Potential Clients Will Use Daily

Let’s say you are a criminal defense attorney looking for new DUI clients.

Many people who drink alcohol on a regular basis also smoke, so a branded lighter would be the perfect promotional item.

You could even look for one that features a lighter on one side and a bottle opener on the other so you can appeal to people who don’t smoke, too.

Buy custom lighters that prominently feature your law firm’s branding.

Since you are targeting DUI clients, make sure the branding mentions “DUI attorney” instead of simply “criminal defense attorney.”

Now, think of where your potential clients spend a lot of their time.

Potential DUI clients probably spend a lot of time in bars, so this is the perfect place to distribute the items.

Visit some of the most popular bars in the area and give a box of these lighters to the bartenders.

Explain that you are a local attorney and ask them to hand the lighters out for free to people who are smoking at the bar.

Since many of your potential clients actually use lighters, this strategy will ensure that people who may get DUIs know about your law firm.

How Will This Strategy Help?

If they are ever charged with a DUI, the first law firm that will come to mind is the one that is printed right on the lighter that they take with them everywhere.

Not only is this strategy effective, it’s also far less expensive than other law firm marketing strategies.

Law firms can implement this idea for around $600, but the price can vary depending on the promotional item that is chosen.

Even if you only acquire one new client with this strategy, it’s very likely that the client will generate enough revenue to cover these costs.