There are countless different legal marketing strategies, but none that are quite as effective as influencer marketing.

Fortunately, you don’t need to have millions of followers in order to be an effective influencer, you simply need to attract the right followers. Here’s how:

Step One: Gather the Required Assets

The first step is gathering all of the assets you will need to become an influencer. Start by putting together a 500-700 word e-book on a topic that is relevant and interesting to your potential clients.

If you’re having trouble thinking of a topic, don’t be afraid to ask some of your current and former clients for ideas. This is a great way to find out what kind of information clients are actively looking for online.

After writing the e-book, visit to transform the simple word document into a sleek and professional e-book PDF.

The next asset you will need to create is a Facebook group for your target audience. For example, if you are a family law attorney, you may want to create a divorce support group.

This is where you will promote your content in the future. It’s better to promote content in a group as opposed to on a business or personal page because of the recent changes made to Facebook’s algorithm.

The final asset you will need to prepare is a landing page. This is where you will send people to enter their information and download your e-book.

Step Two: Advertise on Facebook

Once the landing page has been created, it’s time to launch an advertising campaign on Facebook. Don’t talk about your law firm or promote your legal services in these ads—the purpose of this campaign is to encourage Facebook users to download your e-book.

Anyone who clicks on this and will be sent to your landing page and asked to enter their information in order to get a copy of the e-book. After submitting their contact information, these leads should be given a link to your Facebook group and asked to join.

If you are targeting the right people on Facebook, this is a great way to generate new leads and grow the number of people in your private group.

Step Three: Publish Daily Content

It’s important to publish content in your Facebook group on a daily basis—even if there are only a few members in the group. The content can blog on your website, short videos where you answer frequently asked questions or even links to relevant articles.

Posting content on a regular basis will show that you are an authority on the topic. As your group begins to grow, members will turn to you when they are in need of legal advice.

By following these three simple steps, lawyers can become trusted influencers in no time!