Even with the major changes in the media and especially the way news is delivered these days, there remains one form of media that is still appreciated: the local news. Here’s how you can score a segment on your city’s local news.

Building Your Brand Locally

Every community has them: local celebrities and experts on anything from local environmental events to fine dining to even HVAC maintenance.

These are the people whose expertise has not only built a brand, but it has made them the go-to for friends and neighbors who need help with all things related to that expert’s specific field.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can leverage that marketing opportunity while also doing something great for your community and neighbors, here’s an idea for you.

Take advantage of the local network affiliate’s “Submit a tip.”There’s typically a phone number you can call. Ask who to contact in order to submit a story idea.

There’s a good chance you’re already speaking with someone in the newsroom, and that means they will likely ask about your story. They may want you to email it as well.

First things first: you want to be sure there’s a value in your topic and your timing. For example, if you’re a tax attorney, the first of the year is when you need to consider a story pitch. Timing is everything.

It’s A Pitch: Make It Count

Remember that it’s a pitch, which means you’re going to need to offer something from a community value perspective.

If it’s tax season, there may be changes in tax laws that affect small business owners or head of household claims. Bring value to the table.

Just like a pitch to a book publisher, don’t submit to just one news station. Take advantage of the submission opportunities of all of your local news stations. Remember your audience is local.

Unless you’re in New York or Los Angeles, talking about corporate taxes might not be the best avenue to pursue.

Keep in mind that even if there aren’t big changes in federal tax laws, your state might have just revised its estate tax exemptions or changed the way Medicaid qualification is determined. All opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Have Fun And Share Your Knowledge

Remember to have fun and make the most of these few minutes. A good impression is the first best thing you can provide viewers. That’s accomplished via a confident, fact-based interview that invites people to reach out.