No matter what anyone tells you, there is simply no magic formula for getting to the top of the Google rankings. SEO is still important, and you must still pay attention to analytics, but there’s only one way to the top. As the late actor John Houseman used to say in the 1970s television commercials, it’s the old-fashioned way – you have to earn it. Let an experienced internet marketing company help.

The way to the top of the Google rankings is to post quality content regularly and to interact frequently with online visitors. Post often, in a number of places, and when you receive comments or questions, respond. An experienced internet marketing company can create your content – from videos and podcasts to three-times-a-week blog updates – based on your needs and wishes. You’ll need to have links to your blog posts and other content in a number of strategic spots – Facebook and LinkedIn, for example – to obtain maximum exposure. It’s a snowballing process. The more readers you have, the more your content will be liked and shared, leading to even more readers, more liking and sharing, and even more readers.

Your audience will find you if you’re precise and specific. If you are a personal injury attorney, become your region’s personal injury expert. If you are a real estate agent specializing in million-dollar-plus properties, become the expert on those properties in your market. If a prospective client enters “lawyer” or “real estate agent” into the Google search engine, you may never be at the top, but if the prospective client enters “medical malpractice attorney” or “luxury real estate for sale,” getting to the top isn’t impossible. Blogging in an honest way in your niche area will get you found by clients, prospective clients, referral sources, other bloggers, community association leaders, and journalists. It won’t happen overnight, but provided your website is attractive and the information is accurate, it will happen.

The ways that a professional internet marketing company can help are too numerous to list. From basic marketing advice to creating blog posts to shooting and posting videos, a good internet marketing firm can do it all on your behalf. Don’t wait another day to obtain the help you need to get to the top. Talk now with the professionals at an experienced internet marketing firm. Your future clients and customers are waiting.