Question asked: How can I rank my videos higher in Google so they show up when someone searches something related to my field?

Let’s say you are a real estate lawyer in New Jersey. You are going to search for a Real Estate Lawyer in New Jersey and you don’t expect to get a great rating with these common terms. But, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the search page and look for a section that reads, “people also asked” and see the questions that are featured. You may see, “How do I know if I need a real estate attorney’ “Do I need a Real Estate Attorney to buy a house?” Now, I would make a separate video answering every one of those questions. The questions may include, How much does a Real Estate Attorney cost? When you record your video, be sure you word it exactly as it was worded in the question. When Google transcribes it will pick up your wording. Google’s artificial intelligence is beginning to figure out what is actually being communicated in the video’s. This is where being careful with your wording will pay off. It is a bonus step in the right direction.

When you go to make your YouTube video, Make sure your title is exactly the same as the question that was asked in the search pages. Make sure they are in your tags as well. That is probably going to get you in a lot of rankings that way.

Another great way to boost your ratings is Answer the Public insight tool that combines the suggested searches from Bing and Google and visualizes them in a search cloud. You go to this site and there are a ton of questions on this site. You can get a lot of ideas for questions that you can answer and use in this manner. Again, title the video with the exact wording of the question you found on the site. Your rating will continue to be tapped by Google. Of course, YouTube is the best place for your videos because YouTube is owned by Google. All of these things come together with Google, and if you use their tools, your ratings will climb.