The Question

What is the best way to grow my YouTube channel fast?

My Answer

Here’s how you grow a YouTube channel really, really quickly: first go to AnswerThePublic — that’s — and start answering questions for keywords that are related to your practice area.

Answer The Public

So if you’re a family law attorney, go to and enter keywords like “child custody”, or “divorce”, or “child support”, or “paternity.” Anything like that.

What AnswerThePublic does, which is really, really, really cool, is that it will basically go to Google and look at all the auto-suggests. Those are all the autocompletion that are tied around that keyword. 

And you’ll see about 500 questions that people actually ask related to divorce or child custody or whatever it is.

A Chrome Plugin

There’s another plugin for Chrome, called “Keywords Anywhere.” It’s a free plugin. Install that plugin and it shows you how many times each of those keywords is searched every single month. 

So when you go back to AnswerThePublic, you’re going to see all of those keywords… and each one has a search volume next to it. 

How To Use The Questions

Then write down as many questions as you can. And make sure that you write down the exact question the exact way that it is written. Go with the ones that have a higher search volume first. And then create a video that answers that question. 

Now, make sure you read the question verbatim — exactly how it’s written — because Google has voice recognition software and that’s how it generates close captions. 

More Video Tips

And do it very close to the beginning of the video so that the phrase or the question will be very close to the beginning of the video. This way, it will get into the metadata and Google will be able to find it in that video. 

The video title should be the exact question. Also, make sure to put the question as to the first line of text in the video description. Use it as a tag. I don’t know what the length is for tags but do it as a tag as well in YouTube, and just knock out a ton of those. 

Create two- or three-minute videos that are answering all these different questions and if you do that quickly, you’ll have a huge video library. And every time someone asks any of these questions that are related to your practice area, then you’re going to show up. 

And a lot of times, if they’re longer questions — like longer-tailed questions — then you’ll end up showing up in Google Search, not just on YouTube. Google will return videos and that works really well. So, that’s how I would do that.