How To Get More Law Clients From Your GMB Profile Pictures

The question:

How can I geotag my photos for my Google My Business profile?

My answer:

There’s a very expensive tool you need for geo-tagging your profile. I’m holding it in my hand, and I bet you have yours with you right now as well. The only tool that you need to geotag your photos for your Google My Business profile is an iPhone or an Android… as long as the location services are turned on.

How does geotagging photos work?

A lot of people don’t know this, but if you take a picture on your iPhone or your Android, it stores the location of where the photo was taken, using latitude and longitude.

It stores it in the metadata. This means that Google can use that information and see exactly where the picture was taken. And your Google My Business profile has a spot where it allows you to upload photos.

We always tell our clients to take 20 pictures of the interior of their office and 20 pictures of the exterior of their office. We also tell them to upload them to their Google My Business Profile and make sure that they take them using their iPhone or their Android.

Why do you want to do that?

It will make sure that the metadata gets stored on your profile. That’s the easiest way to geotag photos and geotagging makes you more relevant to the location. It basically reaffirms to Google that you’re actually in that location. It also shows them that you’re a real business. It’s is one of the things that we do for all of our clients. We always make sure that we have geotagged photos added to their Google My Business profile.

An alternative and more information

There’s another program that you can use to geotag photos. I don’t remember the name of it off the top of my head. But if you go to, you can get a free guide. It’s a 24-part video series that shows you step by step how you get your law firm ranked in the Google Maps.

And a couple of the videos in there show how to use this software that will allow you to do that. We also show you how to upload the photos, where to upload the photos and some other ways that you can actually geotag and get the most out of your pictures.

All you have to do is go to You can grab that guide for free. Just cover shipping and handling. We’ll send it out to you on a USB Drive.