How To Find Facebook Groups Where Your Law Firm Can Provide Value

Chase Musser: You have mentioned people looking for Facebook groups to join which will provide value in those Facebook groups. Where would a personal injury or criminal defense look in these groups? What should they look for?

Andy Stickel: Yeah. So, what I always tell people is this. “Don’t focus on a specific type of case. Don’t focus on a specific type of crime, for example, or a specific type of injury. Focus on a specific type of person.” That is how you can figure this out. “Okay. Who is my ideal client? And what is it that they want?” So much of this game is figuring out, “Who is my ideal client?” Then I consider the following:

  • What do they want?
  • What are they afraid of?
  • What do they want to avoid at all costs?”

Once I consider this I then basically, use that information, that really should shape all of marketing moving forward. I mean, for example, I literally do that exact same thing.

I don’t know if anybody knows this but I have a book. It’s called “How to Get More Law Firm Clients Without Losing Time and Money or Getting Screwed by a Marketing Company.” So literally, I figured out which lawyers want more clients. And they want to avoid losing time. They want to avoid losing money. And so many lawyers out there have a story or many stories about getting screwed by a marketing company. So I literally just made that my title and that’s the message that I use with everything. So when you think about the client and you think about them as kind of like a real person… And I always think it’s… I don’t like it when people say, “Oh, find your Avatar. And what TV shows do they watch?” and all that type of stuff. That’s a little extreme. But if you can at least figure out a basic demographic and then you could figure out… And honestly, it can be like… So for example, if you’re targeting like… I always talk about parents of teen drivers. That’s always a really good one. So then you can go into parenting groups and you can… If you’re a personal injury attorney, you can go into motorcycle riders groups, like bikers groups and different things like that and just anywhere that you can think about where your ideal clients are hanging out and just provide value. Now, the way where you’re in any trouble and where you have to be very careful is don’t just go in and start spamming the group. You’ve got to actually provide value. That’s the most important thing, is just provide value. Just don’t do sales pitches. Don’t do anything like that. That’s kind of my thought. You just have to think about where they’re hanging out.

Nicholas Werker: Yeah. And also, align it with your own interests, I mean, because that’s sort of how you have an in, right. So I know a bunch of attorneys that they do what you say but they are motorcycle riders. So they’ll go into these biker groups and be like, “Hey, here’s my retro Harley Davidson,” or, “Here’s my old Indian,” or, “Here’s my brand new Yamaha,” or “My Suzuki…” or whatever. And they participate in these groups. And then they let it be known that like, “Oh, if you’re ever in trouble, you should call me,” or, “If you get road rap for this or that or somebody ran you off the road…” But that could be for even hobbyists who drive old cars. Maybe you’re just really into old cars. And you just get into the group that way. And you’re dealing with car accidents that way. But for personal injury, there’s a ton of stuff where you could spin it and align it with your own interests.

Andy Stickel: Yeah. And just make sure you set your personal profile up as that. I call it a profile funnel. And if you look at mine… Just go to my profile. Andy Stickel. And you’ll see, in my description, it’s just, “I help lawyers get more clients,” or, “I help law firms get more clients,” or something like that. “How about jail mail?” Jail mail, you should do lumpy mailers. Put a green army man in there and send it with all of your stuff that way. The hardest part is getting it open. So if you have something lumpy in there, I’d dare them not to open it.