Do You Have Tips For An Attorney That’s New To Marketing?

Chase Musser: This question comes to us from Alyssa. Her family law and estate planning practice is less than a year old. Is there anything specific you would say for someone with a newer solo practice regarding marketing? Any differences or anything like that?

Andy Stickel: Go ahead.

Nicholas Werker: Yeah. I would just go back to what we’ve been talking about. It is all about content, and my thing is, I do a ton of content. Andy’s thing is he does a ton of video content. But my team and I, we’re constantly writing and putting out content. So what you can do is just provide value to your customers and start talking about problems that they might be having. So you’re a new family law attorney. Make sure you have a really clean website and make sure that your web design is really good and that you have every call to action where it needs to be and stuff like that. But that’s more technical. But just put out a lot of stuff and make sure it isn’t just boring and short and spammy. Spend some real time on it and provide quality content to your customers, and to your audience, especially. And then just try to be in those places that we’ve been talking about like Facebook groups, answering questions for people, putting out videos on your personal Facebook, and just let people know that you are the expert in your area. The customers will come.

Andy Stickel: Yeah. Again, I mean, I think that it’s just more important than ever to create value and create content. I feel like a broken record but that’s just the answer. It’s providing as much value as you can. Especially if you’re a newer attorney, it’s like you’ve got the opportunity. You’re probably younger so you’ve got the opportunity to kind of talk to a younger audience about a lot of these things that they just don’t have the answers to, like child custody. Especially in family law, everybody’s wondering what’s going on with child custody, child support now that people are unemployed. What about domestic violence issues? Different things like that, these are all hot topics right now. And if you can just create a ton of content… And just create it with the goal of being as helpful as possible. Now, like Nick said, he does a lot of content, written content. I do a lot of video content. And it’s really a preference, what you’re better at. For me, I can create a video in like five minutes and it’ll take me like three days to do a blog post. So that’s why I do video, just because it’s easier. So whatever you’re comfortable with is the best way to do it. But just try to help as many people as possible. That’s really what you should do, is just create as much content, help as many people as possible.

Nicholas Werker: Yeah. And just to go back to that, do what you’re good at. So if you’re like Andy and you’re really good at doing video… If I try to create a video, it literally takes me a week. I’m just really good at writing. I always have been. And a lot of my colleagues are good at writing. And that’s what we do. So we push that. Stick to what you’re good at.