How can you stand out on Facebook with their ads? What do your ads look like now? To stand out on Facebook, it is not enough to run your ads if they are cookie-cutter versions of everyone else’s ads.

Break it down

How many times have you been on Facebook and an ad pops up of Jack and Jill Divorce Attorney? This will happen time and time again. Your client may be seeing this ad and they may need a divorce attorney. But, there is nothing about that ad that prompts them to take action.

Divorce fears

People going through a divorce have concerns. They worry that a nasty divorce will mess up the kids. So change your ad to something like, “Are you going through a divorce and you are worried about how it will affect your kids? We can help!” You have identified the problem and offered a solution and that will grab their attention. This is an advertisement that gets calls. You can offer a free ebook that they can download on how to protect your kids during a divorce. You get their contact information and they get a starting point. This puts your firm way above the other attorneys. Your ad is a call to action.

Bankruptcy unknowns

Just the word bankruptcy strikes fear in the hearts of the average person. They imagine being forced from their homes, having their bank accounts locked up. They worry that their employer and neighbors will know that they failed in life. If you are a bankruptcy attorney, a free e-guide is your best friend. Your ad should be calm but firm. You can say, we know what you are going through. You do not have to lose your home or your automobile. Now is your chance to legally consolidate all of your debts into something you can pay so you can afford to live. Use our free guide to get your head above water and get out of the mess that is controlling your life. They will ask for your free guide and you provide them with the steps they need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then you can reach out to them and seal the deal. This is not only easy, but it is also a pretty good feeling to know you helped someone who is in a struggle to survive.

Facebook is a great avenue for advertising. The problem is people don’t take advantage of the tiny window of opportunity. You can spend your seconds saying, this is me and that’s where I am or you can say, “Hey, this is what I do.” That small change makes a major difference.