Ask A Professional Sessions

Chase Musser:  Ok, our next question comes from William. William has a question about the reviews. You mentioned getting more reviews. “In criminal defense, matters are very personal, intimate, usually embarrassing. How do you get a client to talk about the reason they came to you without revealing that?”

Andy Stickel: Well, one thing you can do is position so you can’t see their face. That could be one way to do it. We actually have a client who somehow (I don’t know how they did it) but they did it with the lighting. I mean, I’m sure you could play with the lighting so that you can’t see them. You know, like in those old crime shows where they have the person and it’s dark? Just have them in a dark room and you can answer that way. That would probably be the best way to do it just to hide their face.

Nicholas Werker: I also do a lot of written interviews and I turn them into case studies. But you can just make it so that they just answer your questions anonymously and written. And you can always do what Andy’s saying. And you can turn it into a blog post as well and share it so that people can read it instead of hearing it and keep everybody’s information anonymous. But anybody’s willing to share, definitely take advantage of that. But obviously, you want to keep people’s personal information that they want to keep personal away from the Internet.

Andy Stickel: Yes. Absolutely. And actually, I don’t know why I was just thinking about the video. But, yes, I mean, honestly, if you can send people those questions over email, and you can ask them to leave a Google review for you also. And a lot of people… I mean, criminal defense is a tricky one because, obviously, no one wants to go on and thank their criminal defense lawyer for getting those pesky sexual harassment charges dropped from their personal page. So what you can do is have them create a different Gmail account and then do it from there. You’ll get a better testimonial. If you send them those questions that I listed before, you’ll get a much better testimonial.