It’s challenging, but finding quality writers who meet the standards needed to produce great content can benefit your law firm. In fact, they’re easier to find than you might think.

The Perks Of Finding Skilled Writers

If you’re an attorney, if the writer is worth it, they will know that a mistake in how something is written can create problems for an attorney and their firm. This is just one reason why a small bank of experienced writers might be your best option.

Another reason for building a solid writing team is you’re always assured of a fresh perspective. Many writers have their own clientele that allows them the freedom of writing about the topics they wish.

Again, the good ones are ethical and have no reason to want to jeopardize any client, and the variety their writing skills bring to the table can go a long way in their creative efforts, which can only benefit your site and blog.

Where To Find Consistent, Experienced Writers

So where can you find these versatile and experienced writers? There are countless sites, some better than others. One of the best we have found is a Facebook group, Cult of Copy.

The writers are vetted to some degree, but you’ll want to conduct your own due diligence. A quick search on Facebook will get you to the page.

We might post a request for a blog entry and then select a few of the more promising writers from the comments.

We give a writing test that allows us to see firsthand the quality of writing and the accuracy of their grammar and sentence structure. We pay them for the sample, and the strong writers are added to our writing pool. This allows us to provide our clients with sharp writing that’s varied and professional.

Finding solid writers is like searching for anything else: you’re always going to run into a few that are unable to meet your needs. When you find those who meet and then exceed your requirements, those are the ones to add to your roster of writers.

Most importantly: it frees you from having to write your blogs and allows you to focus on getting your clients the results they need.