I want to show you something that a lot of attorneys struggle with. Sometimes, when I tell them to do social media and create content, they don’t know what to talk about. There are a lot of tools out there that will help you, and here’s one in particular that I want to show you.

What Is SEMrush And How Do You Use The Keyword Magic Tool?

It’s called SEMrush, but it’s something that’s built into SEMrush called the keyword magic tool. I want to show you how it works and how you can use it for your law firm.

Let me switch over to SEMrush here. Now I am logged into my account. It’s about $97 per month, but you can get a free trial and run this once, grab all the data, and then cancel the trial if you want.

I use SEMrush all the time because I think it’s pretty cool, but I would recommend that you at least try this out. Here’s how you do this. You’re logged into SEMrush. This is your dashboard on the left here.

On the left, you’re going to see a link for keyword research. Right here it says keyword magic tool. You’re going to click the keyword magic tool, and then you let it load. Now what you can do is you can type in any keywords.

What I typically do is start with some practice area or a practice area within a practice area. For this example, let’s try “father’s rights,” and see what this pulls up. Now, what can you do? You see right here, it says click questions.

The Power Of Questions

These are questions that people enter into Google and what you can do is you can see how many times these specific questions are asked every single month. So this one right here, “Can a mother terminate a father’s parental rights?” That’s searched 90 times per month. “Can a mother have a father’s rights terminated?” That’s searched for twenty times per month. These are very specific questions.

These numbers, you have to take them with a grain of salt because this has but. That means that this is a specific thing. “Can a mother have a father’s rights terminated?” Typed exactly like that is search 20 times per month.

These are long tail keywords, which means think about how many different ways someone can search for something. For example, “Can a mother terminate the rights of a father?”

How To Use This Data To Create Blog Posts And Videos

You can look at these and start getting ideas. These are all just different ideas for different things. It doesn’t have a very high volume, but it’s a good topic, and it’s something that people search for.

Let’s try divorce and see what happens. We’ve got questions highlighted. “How to file for divorce?” That’s a big one, with about 12,000. “What does the Bible say about divorce?: A lot of people that are thinking about a divorce, maybe they’re looking for a little spiritual guidance. You can create a video if you’re into that sort of thing.

“How much does divorce cost?” “Should I get a divorce quiz?” 880 people are looking for a quiz to find out if they should get divorced. You could put a quiz together, and you get a coder, it’s not that difficult.

A lot of people get divorced. Let’s see. Now divorce might be a little too wide, but you can keep going down. I mean, look how many topics there are, especially when you start going to these 400. These are good ones because there’s not a lot of competition for these. “How expensive is a divorce?” “How much does divorce cost in Florida?”

You can take these types of cases and interchange your state. For example, “How much does divorce cost in Florida?” or “How much does it cost in California?”

Let’s go a little more into detail. Let’s say you’re a bankruptcy attorney. You can write all types of content. You can do ow to get rid of credit card debt, student loan debt, how to get rid of that fast?

How to get rid of child support debt, how to get rid of credit card debt without paying? How you get rid of credit card debt legally. These are all questions.

You could sit down and knock out content all day long literally just on the topic of how to get rid of debt.

What are some legal ways to avoid foreclosure? How to avoid timeshare foreclosure, how to help people with foreclosure, what are some legal ways to avoid foreclosure? Will a short sale avoid foreclosure?

Now, just because it says zero searches does not mean that no one is searching for it. That means that Google doesn’t have the data. You got to remember that most searches that are entered into Google, Google has never seen before.

You’re also not going to try to rank just for this one specific term. You’re going to try to rank for the entire thing. For example, this one right here, how to avoid foreclosure on a VA loan, you could create content that talks about if you have a VA loan and you’re facing foreclosure, what are your options?

That could rank for how to avoid foreclosure on a VA loan or how to stop foreclosure on a VA loan. How to stop a VA loan foreclosure? There are so many different ways that you can rank for this stuff as long as you create good content.

What To Do If You Feel Stuck

What I would do is go to either your website or a competitor’s website. Let’s say you’re a Boston divorce lawyer. Let’s see who’s got a good website? Go to this one right here. Wilkinson and Finkbeiner and view their practice areas.

They have child custody, visitation, child support, a division of marital property, etc. Let’s use child support. You can see all these questions that come up. I mean look at all these. How long does it take to get child support? How long does it take to get child support payments?

Will I be responsible for my husband’s child support? Can arrears child support payments be forgiven? Do you have to pay child support after 18? I mean, these are, so there are 231 pages.

An Easy Way To Establish Yourself As The Authority In Your Niche

If you’re a family law attorney, you can build an entire business just on answering questions about child support, becoming the authority on child support and then, you’d be their child support attorney.

There are so many options here. I’ve gone a little long in this one, but I wanted to show you how cool and useful this tool is. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money, what you can do is you export all of these questions out and cancel your trial.