Facebook marketing for lawyers can be challenging.

There are many different options to choose from when defining a target audience in Facebook Ads Manager.

Most law firms choose to target anyone who is located nearby, but this is not the most effective legal marketing strategy.

There’s a sneaky trick that allows law firms to narrow their audience to people who are more than likely in need of legal services when advertising on Facebook.

How to Market on Facebook Using the Recent Location Feature

Instead of defining the target audience by entering a city or zip code, select the option that allows you to target people who have “recently been in this location.”

Now, think about where your potential clients typically are before contacting an attorney.

For example, a personal injury attorney’s potential clients would most likely be in a hospital prior to hiring an attorney.

If you are a personal injury attorney, look up the address of the hospital located closest to your law firm.

Enter this address into the location field within Ads Manager.

Facebook will automatically target anyone who has been within one mile of the address you entered within the last seven days.

This means anyone who has been involved in an accident and treated for their injuries at this specific hospital will be targeted with an ad for personal injury legal services.

Why This is the Best Way to Advertise Legal Services on Facebook

Using the recent location feature gives lawyers the best chance of reaching people who are truly in need of legal services.

If you choose to target the entire city instead of a recent location, the size of the potential audience could be in the millions.

Although more people will see the ad this way, it won’t be relevant to most of them.

The recent location feature will drastically narrow down the size of your potential audience.

The ad may not be relevant to a small percentage of people who see your ad, but it will be highly relevant to the large percentage of people who have recently been treated for their injuries at the targeted hospital.

These are the people who are probably starting their search for an attorney now, so they will see your ad at exactly the right time.

This is one of many advertising tricks that can be used to acquire new clients and it’s one of the most effective strategies for marketing law firms.

Be sure to track the campaign’s progress so you can analyze its performance and make adjustments prior to launching another one.