I posted a poll in my Facebook group a few days ago. In my group, I consistently offer free advice and training for my followers to help them achieve their marketing goals.

When I posted the poll, I had a good idea which option of the two would get the best response. When the results came in, they revealed that I had been right. The first option received more votes than the second.

The poll asked my followers what type of free training they would be interested in from me. I gave the respondents two options to pick from. I carefully selected the phrasing of these options for a reason.

The first option gave my followers the choice to learn about my three-step method for gaining new law clients or retainers. The second option gave them the choice to learn about Facebook advertising for law offices.

As you can see, both of these free training options are relevant to my audience of lawyers. They offer attorneys free marketing tips. However, the first option emphasizes the results. The second one emphasizes the plan or process.

It was no surprise that the majority of people that took my survey were interested in results, not the process. About seventy percent of those that answered went with the first choice! That’s not a small number. But why did they pick it?

Your Clients Want Results!

The majority of the people that answered my survey went with the results-based answer because of one reason. No matter what the offer is, people want to know what’s in it for them. Their primary concern is how something will benefit them. The process is secondary.

Attorneys should keep this principle in mind when promoting their offer or writing their web content. Your clients need to know how you can benefit their lives. Lead your content with the benefits, not the process.

As an example, a personal injury law firm might lead their offer this way:

“Get the settlement amount you deserve for your injury!”

This focuses on the result, not the process. If the same business focused on the process they could lead their offer this way:

“We guide our clients through the process of filing their personal injury claim.”

If you had just been involved in an accident, which one would you choose? I’m confident it’s the first one. The first one tells you what the attorney will do for you, not how they will do it.

Use This Trick For Your Law Firm

Take my word for it. I’ve helped many law firms with effective marketing. The highest converting messages tell the client exactly how you’ll benefit them. Your offer needs to be about the client, not you.