It can get very confusing knowing how to combine all the tools you have at your disposal. Used correctly, the tools will help you grow your website. But used incorrectly, your conversions can decline.

A primary question is this. Will using a URL in “Google My Business” that lists a page on your website that sends visitors to a ClickFunnels landing page affect your ratings? Should you just have a URL on your web page that sends visitors to your ClickFunnels? Would it be better for your site?

It Really Doesn’t Matter

I know you think it matters, but in this case, it is not so important. The focus needs to be on your page. What I mean is, it really doesn’t matter as long as the page is optimized correctly and all of the elements that go into setting up the page are in place.

If you’re just doing a Google My Business URL straight to a landing page and that page is solely set up for conversion that doesn’t have any likes, it probably could hurt your rankings. For example, if you are a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. The landing page is a landing page as I would make for a specific cheat sheet that’s a download, Three Ways to Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle and that is all it has, then it probably will hurt your rankings.

What Do You Need To Know

You already know what information your clients need to find on your website. You are a professional at the brand of law you practice and you are getting a good education on what Google requires from you to make your website rock. But everyone needs help sometimes.

You have to know how to optimize your site. This is important. If you do not, head over to  I’ve got a 24 part video series. It’s completely free. All you have to do is just cover the shipping and handling. I’ll send it to you on a USB Drive. That’ll show you how to actually optimize the website. You can do that whether you’re using ClickFunnels or WordPress or Wix or Findlaw or whatever you’re trying to use you can optimize the website in that particular way.

It all comes down to the content on the website. ClickFunnels or not ClickFunnels doesn’t necessarily matter. It’s more about what’s on the website that’s going to have the biggest impact. The faster you learn this, the better. Your website will continue to grow. This is not something you will use once and forget it. Technology will surely grow. The knowledge you gain will be the foundation you will build upon.