Having an app for businesses is so common these days, everyone seems to be doing it. Many lawyers have wondered if they should have an app for their law office. I have given this a lot of thought. If there is a tool we can use to build our client’s business, we sure don’t want to miss it. We have looked at this every way we can and we just don’t see how this can be a service that a law firm can utilize.

Let’s say you are a personal injury attorney. You offer an app. How many people do you think will download your app in the hopes that they will have an automobile accident, or will slip and fall at work? But, let’s say they actually do download the app. What can the app do for them? It can provide them with the information on the attorney such as an address, phone number, and email address. It can pop up a screen for them to upload photos. So, it will give them a digital business card and a few common suggestions.

What Apps Do You Use?

The problem with most apps is that people forget to use them. Look at your phone. How many apps do you have on your phone that you never even use?

There was a firm out of Tampa that advertised its app. They advertised it on the radio. It was something like “Weather and News brought to you by…” I believe it was Catania and Catania. I have not heard of them in a while. I doubt the app worked out well for them.

While I have never heard of an app that has worked out for a law firm, upon further consideration I think it could be a possibility in some cases. The two below are examples of law firms that may be able to pull together an app that would work.

Addition to post

  • Immigration Attorney App

There may be a couple of exceptions to attorneys that could benefit from specially designed apps. One would be an immigration attorney. This will help clients gather the documents they need to gather and make communication easier. Specific dates may come up and remind clients of up-coming requirements, appointments, and documents that have not been received.

  • Bankruptcy Attorney App

When a business has to file for bankruptcy, there are a lot of things that have to be prepared and submitted to the courts. This is a long process and it requires certain reports and records at particular times. A bankruptcy app can help a client stay on track making his things less stressful. Bankers, auditors, attornies, suppliers, and will have merchandise and property owners will be involved in the process. Handwritten notes are not much help when it comes to the liquidation of a company.