Here is a question I just got:

Does Clickfunnels Take The Place Of My Website?

ClickFunnels includes the word funnel because you’re trying to funnel people in a certain direction.

What’s On Your Website

With your website, you get to the homepage and then there’s navigation at the top with About Us, Practice Areas, Contact Us, Awards and Settlements, and so on.  And then you have content on the homepage and all these different things.

There’s also a phone number and there’s a place where they can enter their email address or maybe fill in a contact form. There are so many different things on a website, so when you go to a website, it can really become kind of a fact-finding journey.

How Clickfunnels Works

ClickFunnels and funnel software, in general, is designed for one specific thing. You’ll see it if you go to any of my pages, for example, my book page, which is, or if you go to, where you can get that free Google My Business course.

Those pages are designed to accomplish one goal. It’s to get whatever the person is on the page for. It’s trying to get them to accomplish a task.

The Example Of Amazon

Go to Amazon, for example. When you’re in the shopping cart of the checkout page on Amazon, all the other links go away. The only links left are there for the purpose of getting you to complete the checkout.

If you’re on the Amazon homepage, you’ve got Home, and they’ve got the Search box and they’ve got all those other links. But once you’re basically in the sales process, they’re trying to get you to accomplish their goal, which gets you to spend money.

A Funnel Has A Specific Purpose

So, a funnel is designed for that specific purpose. We use funnels all the time to get people to download a cheat sheet, or to get them to opt into whatever it is. And the reason I use ClickFunnels instead of my website is that I can hyper-focus them on a specific task.

And when you have things you can up-sell as well, then ClickFunnels works really well, because you can add those up-sells too. You can do the free cheat sheet. Then you tell them, Hey watch the video training, and Hey buy this thing…

What Lawyers Can Also Do With Funnels

It’s a little different for lawyers, but a lot of lawyers can be creative in figuring out different things they can sell. You can even do promotional materials, where they’re just paying for the shipping. I do a lot of the free for shipping offers and it helps liquidate a lot of your cost.

So, ClickFunnels is different from a website because the website is traditionally more informative and a funnel is designed to get people to complete a specific task.