Your law firm needs a social media strategy if you want to get clients! You don’t just need a strategy. You need one that works!

My proven social media strategy has helped me gain a following and get new clients. This is the best social media strategy I’ve ever seen! I’m going to tell you how you can make it work for your law office.

How To Get An Audience For Your Law Firm

The first thing you need to do in order to make this strategy work is getting a mailing list. This is easy with my proven process.

I create a single piece of content that my ideal audience would want. A checklist works great for this strategy.

For example, I could create a checklist that attorneys need to have to find clients on Facebook.

Next, create a simple Facebook ad that links to a landing page. This landing page should give the option to enter an email address to download the content.

When the person clicks on the link to download the content, they should be taken to a page that tells them their next step. This next step is to join your Facebook group!

If you have a Facebook pixel set up, then it doesn’t matter if they don’t join your group right away. If you lose your audience at any step of the way, the pixel will send targeted ads to them later to encourage them to join.

Push Your Content Through Multiple Channels The Easy Way

Once you have your audience, it’s just a matter of publishing fresh content. Each day, you should create a new piece of content. In my case, I like to record videos of actionable marketing tips for my audience.

When I have the daily video created, I send it over to my content team, and they do all the work. This means I only spend about five minutes each day creating videos and the content gets promoted by my team.

They push it out on all of our social media channels. We use Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We also create a blog post written for SEO from the video.

All of the people on my mailing list or Facebook group from the first step of this strategy will see the daily content.

With one piece of content, we’re able to optimize all of our channels! This is a powerful social media strategy that can work for your business, too.

Make Your Firm Visible On Social Media

Are you ready to turn your law firm’s social media presence into a powerful machine that can help you get clients? Then contact me and let’s discuss a custom strategy for your firm.