The question

“I’m looking for a service that can call leads and connect them with my firm immediately after they fill out a lead form online. Does a service like this exist?”

My answer

I think there are a few of them. We personally use LeadOwl for my clients. We run Facebook ads for a lot of different law firms, and we run ads for car accidents, for bike accidents, for divorce, and… We’re doing so many different ones. We’ve also been generating really cheap cases for PI.


Here’s what we do: we run Facebook lead ads directly to a service called LeadOwl. That’s LeadOwl — it’s Lead and then Owl, like the bird. It goes on your phone and it ties directly into Facebook ads.

So the second a lead comes in, you get a notification on your phone that says you’ve got a lead. And then what you can do is you can touch it on your phone, and then it’ll open up the lead and with the touch of a button, you can hit “Call” or “Text Message” or “Email.”

The importance of speed

Now, the reason this is important is that if you’re running Facebook ads and you’re running direct lead ads, it’s absolutely essential that you get back to them as quickly as possible.

Because you have to remember, when somebody’s on Facebook, they’re scrolling through, they see your post, they watch your video, and they read your ad. They click “Contact me,” they fill out the form, and then they move back on with their life.

So you’ve got to make sure that you get in touch with them in 5 minutes. You got to get in touch with them fast. So what’s cool about LeadOwl is that you can install the software on an unlimited number of phones. That way, you can have it on your phone, your partner’s phone, your secretary’s phone, your assistant’s phone, and you can have it on whoever’s phone. So whenever a lead comes in, you can make sure that somebody answers it.

The benefits of canned text messages

Or you can text them and start a text conversation if you want. And what’s cool is that you can save canned text messages. If you’re in court, you’re obviously not going to pick up the phone, but you can pull out your phone and you can hit “Text Message” real quick.

You can use that canned text message, so you don’t actually have to type out a text message, and it will still contact that lead. It’s super important that you get in touch with leads really fast.

More about LeadOwl

I don’t know what other services are out there. The one that we use is LeadOwl. All of our clients are on it. Everyone seems to like it. I don’t have any affiliation with it. But I do know the guy that runs it. Dan Henry is the one that owns it.

If there’s any other lead service out there, let me know. Leave it in the comments below. I’d love to check them out because LeadOwl is all I’ve ever seen, and it works great.