Best Metrics to Track For Successful Lawyer Facebook Ads

Once we have our Facebook marketing campaign set-up, what type of metrics should we be tracking?

There are several things I watch on my Facebook campaigns and the metrics I track depends on the campaign. For example, if it is an engagement campaign where I am just trying to get video views and things like that. I will look at the frequency and the reach. The reach means how many different people saw it and frequency is on average, how many times each person saw it.

What I don’t want the frequency to be too high. I don’t want people seeing my stuff like 20 or 30 times unless it’s a remarketing ad. If it is a remarketing ad (meaning a follow-up ad) then I don’t necessarily care. But if it’s a cold, front-end ad, with people that don’t know who I am, I don’t want to show them the same video 20 or 30 times. What I want to do is, I want to show that my reach is good. I want to make sure that I’m reaching a lot of people. Reach is how many individual people did you hit and then the frequency is how many times on average, did those people see it. That’s what I look at for those types of campaigns, like traffic campaigns.

If I’m trying to do a cheat sheet or if I’m doing leads or if I’m doing something like that and then what I really look at is I look at the cost per conversion. So if it’s like a Facebook lead ad then I look at what’s the cost per lead. Because at the end of the day that’s all that matters. I don’t care what my cost per click is. I don’t care what my cost per impression is. The only thing I care about is how much did it cost me to get the lead.

The same thing with my other advertising. I run webinars and so I track a lot of different metrics. I look at how much it costs to get somebody to register for my webinar and then how much does it cost for somebody to book a phone call from my office. Then how much does it cost for somebody to purchase one of my products? All those metrics are easily trackable using custom conversions.

In my social media marketing for lawyers master class, I teach lawyers how to set all that up so that they can actually run these campaigns and use metrics to figure out what is working for them or what isn’t. A lot of times people are like “Well how much money should I spend on my Facebook Ads and my marketing?” My first question is well how much does it cost to get you a client? How much does it cost to get a lead? How much does it cost a book a phone call? Those types of things. Because, if you know that, it costs you $300 to book to get a client, and you want 10 clients this month, then you know you need to spend about $3000. But if you don’t know what it costs to get you a client, then you have no idea what you should even spend. Those are the metrics that you really should be tracking with a Facebook campaign.