When you want to make an impression on your potential clients, then having a unique business card is the way to go.

Think about it.

Most business cards are thrown away or shoved in a desk and forgotten about. They don’t last.

That’s because they’re all the same.

Plain with a white background. Professional, but boring.

If I just described your business card then your law firm needs this card instead!

Introducing The Creative Business Card That Will Make Your Firm Stand Out

Ready to try a business card that makes a real impression?

Order plastic business cards for your company.

These cards are unexpected and rarely fail to get a compliment.

That’s because they stand out!

Plastic business cards are see-through – making the color pop!

Your logo, social icons, name and contact info all stand out on these cards.

It’s unique, modern and creative.

I have clients tell me all the time that they couldn’t throw my card away because they felt bad.

If you give someone a high-quality business card they’re likely to keep it.

This means it’s still in their possession when they have a need for your services.

Whether you’re a personal injury attorney or criminal defense attorney, these cards are perfect for your law firm.

It doesn’t matter what type of law you practice.

Attorneys know that the competition is fierce.

You need every opportunity you can get to stand out from your rivals.

This business card will do just that.

Don’t Underestimate Your Business Cards – They’re An Investment In Advertising!

Consider how much money companies spend on advertising.

Google Adwords alone can take up a good chunk of someone’s marketing budget.

Many lawyers understand the value of investing in advertising, but still fail to update their business cards.

It’s understandable.

With so many options for advertising, business cards are often overlooked.

However, physical business cards that the client feels guilty throwing out can have a significant ROI!

I ordered my best plastic business cards through Plastic Printers.

It was worth every penny.

They were about $1.00 each.

That’s steep for a business card, but you need to consider the advertising value.

I’ve directly generated business from these cards because my clients kept them.

You may be tempted to search for a cheaper alternative.

You should shop around!

But know that if you buy plastic business cards on price alone then you could be taking a risk.

I tried using a cheaper company to make my plastic business cards.

I thought they would be similar, but the quality was inferior.

The cards were useless and I didn’t end up handing them out.

I learned that it pays to go with a good company.

Start Fresh With New Business Cards That Your Clients Will Keep

It’s time to throw out your old, boring business cards.

Your potential customers already are.

Switch to plastic cards and see the difference it makes the next time you hand out your card.