I’m going to share with you the exact method I used to grow my own business. I still use this method today to help attorneys get clients from Facebook. It’s hands down one of the best ways to market yourself.

Getting new clients from Facebook involves a four-step process. Anyone can do it if you follow the method outlined here.

Step 1. Create a Facebook Group

The first step to getting clients with this social media marketing tactic is to create a Facebook group. Your Facebook group should not have the name of your law firm.

You probably won’t have much of a following in the beginning. That’s okay. It can be discouraging, but don’t give up! This method will still work if you don’t have a large following in the beginning.

Step 2. Make an eBook

Once you’ve created your Facebook group it’s time to make an eBook. This can be anywhere from 500 to 1000 words. It’s similar to a long blog post.

The eBook needs to address a topic that your audience actually wants to learn about. What you want to write about or the questions you think you should address might not be what your clients are asking about.

Ask some of your clients what their number one question was before hiring you. You might be surprised to find out what they wanted to know!

Once you have the content written you can go to Fiverr and hire a graphic designer to design the eBook for you. This is pretty inexpensive and will typically cost about $25.

Step 3. Publish a Landing Page

When your Facebook group and eBook are ready the next step is to design a landing page. We’ve created a free landing page template.

We use it successfully for our clients and now you can use for your law firm. The template is in Clickfunnels.

You can try Clickfunnels with their free trial to keep the entire landing page process free for you.

The landing page should prompt the person to enter their email to download the free eBook.

Once they download the eBook you can tell them to join the Facebook group next. I’ve experienced that the majority of people will follow through.

Step 4. Run Facebook Ads

Once you have followed the steps above it’s time to run Facebook ads. The ads should direct people to your landing page. You can gain a following in no time using this method.

Turn Your New Facebook Group Members into Paying Clients

Once you have a following be sure to publish content daily in your group. You need to make sure your content is adding value and engaging the group members, such as answering frequently asked questions in your practice area.

Leading the group will position you as an authority and your loyal followers will be much more likely to hire you in the future than someone that likes your law firm’s Facebook page.

If you want more information on this method, then you can get the new Master Class for only $37. It’s value-packed and goes into this method in detail.

You’ll also learn the best way to market your business on the top social media platforms!